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What do we have to offer X-treme Jumpers?

  This realm of Skydiving involves high-altitude, low-open (HALO) jumps, balloon jumps, helicopter jumps, BASE jumping, and anything other than general freefall relative work (RW) and formation skydiving (FS).

Some of us have entered this realm. It is elusive but exhilarating and exciting. If you think you might like to try some of the extremes of Skydiving, we can help.

  - We can show you the basics of the extreme forms of Skydiving.
- We can put you in contact with others who partake of the extremes.
- We can explain gear, options, and approaches to the more extreme forms of jumping out of, well, whatever.

Just click here to contact us. You will connect with other extreme jumpers willing to share their experience and insight into this rare and fascinating form of Skydiving. If you already enjoy the extreme edges of an already extreme sport, join us and share your experience and expertise with others who are eager to learn.